Three Great Walks

A keen advocate of the Lake District, Paul McLoughlin talks to us about some of his favourite walks when visiting The Glenridding Hotel.

To name my three favourite walks in the Lake District is impossible for me, but at least three great walks are possible from this place.

For me on this wander the adventure starts on the drive there, a cattle grid at Elterwater separates civilisation from wilderness or that’s how it feels as you enter Great Langdale.

Now this is National Trust country and most things you see are owned by them, the pub, campsite, land, sky, clouds and also the carpark where this wander starts, it all has that NT polished feel about it.

The well-groomed path to the side of Stickle Barn is where the “stairway to heaven” starts, it’s a path that you will struggle to get lost on as long as you follow the water of Stickle Ghyll to the source.

For all this path’s beauty don’t underestimate the hard graft it takes to reach the top as it’s as steep as “your old nan’s stairs”. At the top your greeted by the intimidating Pavey Ark, Harrison Stickle and the mirror like Stickle Tarn.

Now, at this point the tribes congregate as it is the gathering point for the “jam butty” gangs (that’s if jam butties still exist) you have to be up early to avoid this group of adventurers.

From here you could just “about face” and walk back the same route you just came up, I wouldn’t blame you, for a start you had your back to all the amazing views…

Or for the more energetic adventurer there’s a choice of multiple routes or missions (should you choose to accept):

Route one – To quote Alfred Wainwright “An easy but tedious route”.

Route two – “The North Rake” or the Bear Grylls route, makes you feel like an explorer, a bit rocky but fun.

Route three – Jacks Rake, the “will I see my friends and family again” route.

So I’ll leave it there and let you pick your own route as that’s half the fun of this wandering lark, and remember not all who wander are lost.

Paul McLoughlin – @glocky9