So, What Makes A Great Coffee?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide, as most coffee lovers know, a lot goes into making that perfect cup of coffee.

If your relationship with coffee is anything like ours, starting off a day on the fells without a powerful jolt of caffeine is like a pupil going into an exam without a pen.

What are the main components of a great coffee?

The Beans

Ideally, you need some locally- freshly roasted beans.

The Grind

Different coffees require different grinds. The espresso needs a fine grind whereas, cafetiere requires a coarse grind.

The Method

The espresso is a mysterious drink. Do many know what it is? How should it be made, or even how it should taste? We have been lured into misconceptions from brands looking to make espresso easy and cheaply, but espresso done right, is a beautiful elixir.

Let it Brew Coffee shop situated in The Glenridding Hotel strive to provide the ‘best’ coffee to their customers and here is how they achieve it.

  • The Beans.

Let it Brew locally source their beans from Cumbria award-winning roastery, Bruce and Lukes. Their ‘Espresso Blend’ is 80% Sul de Minas (Brazil) / 20% Beneficio Los Andes (Honduras).

The base of this coffee is from Ipanema Icatu with tasting notes of Hazelnut, then layered with Beneficio Los Andes, giving the round body of milk chocolate and golden raisins into its mix. The result, an award-winning, balanced coffee. That is not only both sweet and savoury but has ‘awesome body’.

  • The Grind.

Equipment is key. It’s ok to have fantastic coffee beans but, if the grinder isn’t up to the task, then you end up with inconsistent crappy coffee.

Grinding the roasted coffee beans is the essential requirement for preparing coffee drinks; it increases the surface area of the beans that come into contact with water. In every roasted coffee bean, there are at least 1,000 different aromas and flavours. Through the grinding process, the cell of the coffee bean is separated releasing; Flavour, colour and aromatic substances that are dissolved more easily and quickly upon contact with water. Depending on the grind – coarse or fine – the surface of the coffee changes, resulting in many of its different flavours becoming soluble. Our grinder the Sanremo SR70 EVO has Super-fast grinding technology that maintains grind consistency and maximises freshness while operating at just over 2 Seconds per grind, resulting in the perfect preparation for the next step.

  • The Method

We have ground the perfect dose of Coffee (16grams). We weigh our doses at random, however; our grinder is pretty accurate. Our dose of ground coffee is now ready for the next stage. Tamping.
Tamping ensures uniformity of extraction by levelling and packing the grounds. Allowing equal and consistent water contact to be forced through the coffee. The proper tamp method is to hold your elbow at 90 degrees, rest your portafilter on a level surface and then apply pressure until the coffee has an even, polished look.

Once this is achieved we are ready to brew our perfect shot of espresso. Using the love of our life (the Sanremo Verona RS) we work on a brew ratio of 1:2.2 producing a liquid weight of approximately 35 grams, a brew time of 21- 23 seconds and a temperature of 93.5 degrees C.  producing that perfect golden crema, that rests nicely on that rich dark brew.

Whatever your chosen espresso-based beverage is, you will always receive that perfect cup of coffee when visiting Let it Brew.

Let it Brew is open 7 days per week from 10 am to 5 pm. (Hours in winter may vary). We serve not only a variety of great-tasting coffee but also; loose teas, amazing milkshakes and artisanal snacks.